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High Tech Youth passionately believes that each school and community has its unique strengths, cultures, hopes and aspirations for its people. We have brought together three licensed programs, HTY Studio, HTY Academy & HTY Tech Shed that serve the group you work with and connects you to thousands of other communities and learners across New Zealand, the South and North Pacific region. So whether its an After-School cyber technology program through the HTY Studio or providing youth with recognized ICT & Design credentials through the HTY Academy program, High Tech Youth licensing programs provide you the support and collaboration to go far fast.


Currently there are three ways for individuals to be a part of High Tech Youth

  • Become a member or mentor at your nearest HTY Studio, HTY Academy or HTY Tech Shed, to find out where they are located see HTY LOCATIONS at the top of this page
  • Attend a workshop or online training program, for more information see HTY TRAINING at the top of this page
  • Sign up for our Newsletter by clicking the box to the right, or following us on our social networks, see the bottom of this page

To learn more about each program click "Learn More" on the links here to the right.


At the centre of High Tech Youth's mission are three core tenets - Culture, Community and Technology; where technology is seen as an art, a science and craft.

Our big idea therefore is simple; focus back onto human potential, our power of collaboration and smart, creative sciences to redefine the education system and the results that will truly transform young peoples lives.

At High Tech Youth we have created a network of young people and inspirational educators where everyone is both a learner and teacher. We have paired this with online mobile intelligence systems to deliver personalised learning so that young people can navigate personal development pathways (PDPs) to impact their community; learning and economic goals.

This network allows everyone to collaborate with the support of peers, family, teachers and mentors both in the real world and online world, in an environment that is safe, trusted and focused on results.