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Youth work on design-based learning projects that aim to solve real-world problems/solutions from within the context of their community and those who live there and beyond. This can, for example, range from creating a media campaign about an environmental issue, coding a game about dealing with cyber bullying, to a simple community event celebrating local heroes. At a HTY Studio, an after school expanded learning opportunity (ELO) youth can work individually or collaboratively on projects. Research shows four key impact areas for students (1) attendance at school improves (2) Academic results improves (3) Social Emotional Well Being improves (4) and better opportunities for youth in higher learning and careers, the greatest gains are seen in underserved youth.


High Tech Youth aims to impact both informal and formal learning, both to support outcomes for youth in school but also pathways into higher learning opportunities, including both academic and vocational learning. We discovered early on, for youth to succeed both at school and college (University) we could assist them in gaining State approved and industry-certified credentials, well before they graduated high school. The HTY Academy, again using design and community-centred learning provides youth with a range of ICT, creative media and design thinking programs that both builds a personal portfolio of work and qualifications to match it.


The Research & Results


We have found out that when you allow young people to play, create and invent things that matter to them, they develop an attitude of determination and tenacity. For some of our youth this resulted in them starting a business or social enterprise. The HTY Tech Shed provides the skills and physical resources to achieve this goal, and in particular provides venture capital to assist young people in remote and underserved communities to fully participate in the emergent broadband economy right from within their own community or village.


High Tech Youth is focused on continual evidence-based praxis in our work with young people and communities. Our research centre has conducted research since 2006, including ICT Mapping of technologies and impact on the uptake and use of technology, through to an independent value for money evaluation of our Auckland based HTY Studio. Currently, an independent longitudinal study is being resourced through Foundation North on the learning impact of HTY Studio and Academies, this will run for ten years starting 2016. Click LEARN MORE to the left here.                           


High Tech Youth is committed to the life-long learning of young people; we see this as a journey that involves their family & cultural identity, friends, school and their community around them of which High Tech Youth can be just one part this.

We believe this journey has many pathways, and High Tech Youth can help impact and deliver results to youth in three key areas, Community (their world around them), Learning (school and college), and Entrepreneurship (careers and starting a business). As members young people can access mentoring, training and support both online and through licensed programs called HTY Studio's, Academies and Tech Sheds. All are aimed at building 21st-century competencies of collaborative problem solving, design thinking, teamwork, cultural and communication skills that in turn mean any cyber and digital technical skills youth learn are enduring, innovative and relevant to the world around them.


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